Saturday, February 19, 2011

Friday Activities

While hubby was out working. I spend my time out shopping with Sen. We gone to the Gadong Mall and went to this shop called Skin79..I have heard from alot of people that their product is the best so we go there and take a look. I ended up buying Crystal Peeling Gel and Diamond collection The Prestige Beblesh Balm with costs me $39.90 (yes, its in the middle of the month and I almost broke. I only had $100 in my wallet that time). The things that caught my attention is that they give you alot of product samples when you buy from them but well actually I really want to try the peeling gel because I want to get rid of those dry skin off my face :P

the product better be good to me or else!!

White Reviving Skin Radiance Mini Set Sample (I'll try this and if this thing works on me I'll definitely buy it. How much? not sure :D

Diamond Collection The Prestige Beblesh Balm. This small box one costs me $8.00

Crystal Peeling Gel. I tried scrubbing my face with the gel yesterday. My face feel very smooth afterwards :D. Love it!!

The BBcream samples. The pink one is Super BB cream Triple Function and the gold one is Super Plus Beblesh Balm for whitening and wrinkle improvement

Next we went to Winmark to buy some makeup stuff and went to computer shop to buy Sen's Ipad accessories. Then, went downstairs at Utama Grand to buy a carton of Milo for sedekah Mulah Abang.

After Mall, we went to Gaint for a stroll. that time my back starts to ache again and I really need a rest. We met Suzie and her kids at the Mall the go back home after wards.. what a day..I feel like I wanted to continue shopping that night but my back pain gotten worse!

Life is very fragile...spend it wisely to your loved ones...

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