Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Darkest day in our life.... Sujasno (18/2/84 - 3/3/10)

on 3rd March 2010 around 10:45 pm, we lost our dearest brother due to his long illness....we feel so devastated on loosing him. We love him so so dearly and we feel the time we spend together is not enough. He left us too early and we couldn't bear the pain we are suffering now. Now we have lost two people that we dearly love in our family members. Our Dad and our brother...

It is true Allah the Almighty knows best and God's love is much more greater than a human's love. God only picks up the best to be his side and we are glad our daddy and brother is one of them. As a human who is always in dire and in need, this is the bitterness we need to wholly swallow and hopefully we can find a light of hope in it.

To our dear dad and brother...we miss you so dearly and hopefully one day we will see you again.

May your souls rest in peace and God, please place them in your love for eternity and take a good care of them.

Life is very fragile...spend it wisely to your loved ones...

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