Thursday, January 14, 2010

what a lonely night...

Tonight is the loneliest fiance is ignoring me and I feel very stress today especially from work...I need a gateaway and I need a holiday in peace. luckily my friend suggest me there is a nice place for me to have a good rest that is in Sipadan Island. I never heard of it so I did some research about the place from

I feel like I want to go a have a dive there but the problem is that I could not swim and looks like I'll just go for snorkelling then.. and there is 1 day course for beginners maybe I can join it.

it is a nice place isn't it?? :D

But.... before I go there I need a good digital camera :) complete with underwater housing so I would be able to capture photos underneath the waters.

I have checked the accomodation there and it is quite cheap. The range is about RM50 - RM100 per night depending what room you want to stay in or maybe I can just ask the travelling agent to check any other cheaper pricing for me. ohh!!I wish I can go there and enjoy the scenery.

bila masa boleh turun ni ah??? February?? March??? or after October????

here are other information about Sipadan Island

Life is very fragile...spend it wisely to your loved ones...

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