Saturday, November 7, 2009

Kimberly's 1st day of school orientation - 6th November 2009

Finally!!! hari-hari yang ditunggu akhirnya tiba... si Kim baru masuk sekulah kindergarden.. inda kerasahan basar sudah tia anak ani...first day arrived at school baru masuk bangunan ia nampak playground tarus berlari bermain disana. She was really excited coming to school memandangkan banyak anak skulah datang so she can make new friends. After playing for a while we went upstairs where her new classroom was located. first activity was singing a nursery song sang by few of her teachers. They had a great time singing and dancing. si kim pun malu-malu kan menari...then second activity was making a flower made out of clay. Actually it was not a real clay.. it was made from flour, egg and food colouring. nyaman jua bau nya clay atu..membari kan makan rasanya. hehehe...soon after that break lagi.. dorang kana bari makanan muffin and soya bean drink

Orientation nya sejam saja.. then around 11am ku bawa ia lunch di Nyonya yayasan and ordered a milo ping untuk nya... kesian eh.. atu banar-banar ia minum kering leher bagas bermain seharian.

I can't wait for her first day of school next year on 4th January 2010..good thing about her is that ku peratikan si kim sama kawan-kawan nya ada yang cina.. they speak chinese and english.. then ada yang melayu.. they speak malay.. then..when I looked at kim.. she can speak and understand three languages... so I think there will be no problem in communications if she want to make friends with them......

Life is very fragile...spend it wisely to your loved ones...


  1. auw....i missed her so much..not realizing that she is already big..

    Love you kim

  2. wish you could see her what she was doing during the orientation at school, bangga ku liat ia masuk skulah..kan nangis saja inda...