Thursday, October 22, 2009

Soto Tinis

I brought Mama, Tangah Linda, Mami, Chingching and ato go shopping at Giant. Since Mama Linda have been staying in kuching so quite some time, she wanted to see how Giant look like in Brunei. when we reached there.. dengan selamba nya bgtau.. duimaa..macam biasa saja giant sini ani..nothing much interesting hehehe what do you expect??? this is Brunei.. paham2 je la...

we bought some gifts for Syahidah in Kuching, she couldn't join mama Linda to Brunei because she is having some big exam and we buy her a sport pants and it's green in colour and it's cute.

after shopping Mama linda wanted to try out a soto in Brunei.. she never had a soto while she was in kuching so i decided to bring them at Soto Tinis at Terunjing.

when we got there, we ordered Soto Urat... at first i dont know how much the price of one bowl.. but since lapar punya pasal we order saja.. we ordered 6 bowls for each of us. and 5 Teh Tarik.. hehehe

the Soto Urat was quite alot.. all of us inda terhabis.. but i give 10 stars!! nyaman jua supnya lah..

Life is very fragile...spend it wisely to your loved ones...


  1. wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lama udah inda makan soto....mau makan soto kali ah...

    Paksa tah kaka beli tulang kaki nie kan buat soto..paksa ke queens lagi nie