Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hakimahh..ohhh...Hakimah kenapa hakimah gaukk anii eiiiiii~~~~~

Yesterday was the most scariest day of my life. Kim usually spends most of her playing time in my room. She has this habit of locking herself in my room and whenever I want to enter, I always knock the door and called her to open the door for me but yesterday was different. As usually she lock herself and when I went up and wanted to check what she was up to, she didnt opened the door for me. I called her name for many times and knocked the door hard.. but no response from her. I started to get worried, in my mind was "what happen to her?" "Is she pengsan?". I had no choice but to kick the door very hard.. atu keluar kungfu ku tarus menandang pintu atu sampai kubak locker my surprise... she was playing with my mobile phone!!.. ehhh anak atu tah banar..bermain tipun ku sampai inda sadar pintu kana katuk-katuk..

But when I turned back to look at my door..kubak banar lockernya. I was thinking "Ok, this is my last straw. I'm going to take it off and move the locker higher so that Kim will never reached the locker ever again!.

Bekerajatah ku banar mlm atu melatuk pintu locker. When I got it done, I asked Kim to stand by the door and asked her to reach her hands up high. Good thing she cannot reach it not in another 10 years I think! hehhee. I told her "bah lain kali cuba lagi kunci pintu ani ah??". She just smiled at me and say the same old jibberish words. What a naughty little girl!

Life is very fragile...spend it wisely to your loved ones...


  1. haha dear atu bercali anak atu...manakan suka tia main bling-bling nya atu jua...hehehehe

  2. marah banar ku tu ariatu..eeii gergitan banar ku.. tapi meliat ia senyum-senyum macam orang inda bedusa atu.. hilang rasa marah tarus ulihnya