Thursday, July 23, 2009

Perpisahan Sementara - Temporary Farewell

My eldest sister was sent to USA this morning and we sent her to the airport. My family and I will definitely going to miss her though with no more chatting together, shopping together...quarreling together (especially with our dear mom,siuk kali bekelahi ani ah?? haha adakah??). we will contact each other on Skype kali ..

Anyway I will pray for her a very safe journey from Singapore and to JFK sampai ia balik tido di Hotel...(I'm clasping my hand and pray NOTHING will happen to her since ia ani cuai sikit...I remember masa kami di Airport KL...aduhai...bergegar satu airport...nanti tah ceta... haha)

the good thing was some of my family members especially nini, Tangah Kamal and our 2 naughty cousins sanggup turun dari belait ke airport just to see my sis to fly off. I glad having them as a family.. thank God the Almighty..

I know mom will definitely worried sick about her in a few weeks time and I will reminding myself this is just a temporary farewell...we will see each other about 18 months!

Life is very fragile...spend it wisely to your love ones...

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  1. Yeah I miss you too..Mom too heheheh auw siuk jua berkelahi atu jua..hehehehe LOVE you all

    keep up the comments about our family