Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Today is the last day of 2013 and tomorrow life will start fresh on 2014. I am so glad we are entering 2014. SYUKUR ALHAMDULILLAH overall Allah has granted me a good life and blessings on 2013. I also had experienced the life obstacles and life threatening experiences. Of course, with my family and hubby continuous support, I am so glad I had overcome and fight all of them! Lastly I wish you all a Happy New Year 2014 and may 1001 blessings and good things pouring all over you guys out there. Amin !!
Life is very fragile...spend it wisely to your loved ones...
wow.... my last login was 31st March 2011??? where was I??? XD Its time to reactivate this blog x0x0x0x
Life is very fragile...spend it wisely to your loved ones...

Thursday, March 31, 2011

My individual false eyelashes package has arrived! XD~

I know I am addicted buying online stuff especially from Ebay but what can I do?? XD~ some makeup stuff are super cheap there and you can't find it anywhere else. This 12mm individual false lashes is very cheap, I bought it from csbehappy on ebay and cost me around USD$7.00 including shipping for both item. They also sells some cheap makeup there and I would buy again from them.

Check out their online store on ebay :

Life is very fragile...spend it wisely to your loved ones...

ELF (EyesLipsFace) - Basic Everyday Eyes Encyclopedia Edition - Swatches!! :D

The colors are all in warm tone..its quite powdery so you might having lots of fallout if you apply it to your eyelids but overall I love it :D

Life is very fragile...spend it wisely to your loved ones...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

ELF - (Eyes,Lips & Face) - The Beauty Encyclopedia, Eye Edition - Surprise gift from my dearest sister

My sister has just came back from New York today..and she bought be an eyeshadow palette from ELF. Its called Everyday Eye Edition I have been looking around for this kind of palette but they are not sold in Brunei. The thing I like about this palette is that it look like a book, with the hard covering book. When you open it, the first page teach you on how to do step by step guide on perfect eye makeup :D The encyclopedia includes 12 eye shadow shades, 2 cream eye shadow shades, 1 eye liner and 1 eye shadow brush. All colors are warm tones and it suitable for any look that reflects your personal style.

step by step guide :D

All eyes shades are shimmery except the Olive Green and White. These two colors are a bit matte

Actually there are 5 beauty encyclopedia edition, The Lip Edition, The Eye Edition, it has 3 edition that is Sparkle eyes Edition, Everyday Edition and Basic Eye Edition and then Face Edition, My sister only manage to get 1 of 5 beauty encyclopedia. She bought it at USD$5...only 5 bucks!! that is super cheap! oh I wish I can get my hand on the other 4 edition XD~~

Life is very fragile...spend it wisely to your loved ones...

My NYX Jumbo Pencil has arrived!!

I have been waiting for this product from for almost a month now and I received it just yesterday. I get so excited!! the packaging they sent is just a medium sized envelope with bubble wrap in it. I give 10/10 for the packaging because my jumbo pencils are not spoiled or broken. I really love it. I purchased 3 colors that is Rocky Mountain Green,Gold,and Baby Blue. I really love them..they are shimmery,pigmented and creamy. I have not tried it on my lid yet but I will soon :D I just made some swatches of the colors.

I would buy again from them. Its the cheapest website I can find for NYX product :D

I love those pretty colors XD~

Life is very fragile...spend it wisely to your loved ones...

Monday, February 28, 2011

Makeup Purchases from B&H and

I feel my makeup collections that I have right now is not enough so I decided to look around these two websites from and

From the B&H, I ordered their spring special edition #5 which cost me USD$82.95 in total. This is the second time I ordered from B&H. I love their packaging on the first time I received my 120 first edition eyeshadow palette. They wrapped it nicely with layers of bubble wrappings and put it in a hard cardbox with a red sticker "FRAGILE" on it. When I received it and opened the package, the palettes are neat and packed together. There are no fallouts or debris from the colors. This is what I love about B&H Cosmetics, they are very serious about packaging. As for the special sale like this they usually change them every season. So don't forget to check on their website on every season :D

10 color camouflage and concealer palette
26 shadow blush combo palette
28 neutral combo palette
contour and blush palette
88 color matte palette
32 lip color palette

At I just ordered 3 different color of NYX Jumbo pencil. This one cost about USD$2.93 each. I can't wait to get my hand on these products that I ordered! I'll show you the swatches once its arrive :D

Life is very fragile...spend it wisely to your loved ones...